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Posted on- September 10, 2016 at 8:10 P.M.

(Written By Joshua Hill)

This 2016 Presidential Election has been nothing more than an absolute train wreck. On one side you have a lying Right Wing Neo-Liberal Corporate Establishment Fascist war criminal in the form of Hillary Clinton, & on the other side you have a lying Right Wing Neo-Conservative Authoritarian Fascist in the form of Donald Trump. I have made it more than clear I will no longer support the lesser of two evils. I will now be supporting Jill Stein for President in this current election cycle because deciding between two flavors of Fascism won't do anything but continue to dilute the quality of candidates & continue us on this path of our broken corrupt system of Government where the influence of money rules over all else. Lately I have been covering the Democratic side of this election due to the overwhelming amount of coverage it deserves based on the overwhelming evidence of the Democratic Primary being rigged against Bernie Sanders & just the overall Bernie, Hillary< & DNC situation in general. Although I do encourage everyone to check out my other articles where I go into further detail about those issues, but now I think it's about time I give the Republicans & Donald Trump their much deserved time in the spotlight here on Josh Hill Politics.

Look at the Republican National Convention a while back for example. The whole RNC was a cringe worthy abomination, a collection of the stupidest most uneducated misinformed people our country has to offer. As awful as Hillary is, the Republicans go above & beyond to bask in their ignorance as they vomit their regurgitated used up tired Right Wing talking points about undocumented immigrants even though our current immigration status is below net zero & Trump himself uses undocumented immigrants to build his Trump Towers. Honestly it's sad that the best lines of the entire night were stolen from Michelle Obama. Republicans also cry about how gays marriage is destroying the fabric of our country, how minorities & Democrats just want free stuff, & Republicans absolutely love circle jerking one another to the tune of the military industrial complex while pushing for more perpetuated illegal & unjustified wars in the Middle East, etc… etc... The Republicans have mastered the art of pulling in the masses of uneducated misinformed low information voters in the country who do not do any degree of research & seem to go out of their way to be intellectually lazy.

You can't name a prejudice Trump hasn't embraced in one way or another. Trump is a hateful, racist, bigoted, sexist, islamophobic moron. He lies & contradicts himself within seconds apart from one another. "Make America Great Again" without any specifics is nothing more than an empty platitude. Trump speaks with the education level & the personality of a fifth grader. People say Trump would be a good President because he is rich & successful & would run the country the same way he runs his businesses, but the only businesses Trump ever ran & managed himself have literally went bankrupt. Trump only has his wealth because of the massive inheritance he received from his father. In fact, Trump is not nearly as rich as he pretends to be, I would argue Trump isn't even a billionaire like he claims he is. Many speculate this is the primary reason Donald Trump refuses to release his tax returns. Those in Fortune Magazine said if you give Trump the benefit of the doubt & take him at his word he has maybe close to 3 billion dollars, but why take a well known liar at his word? Politico attempts to look deeper into this story & reports, "Donald Trump claims a net worth of more than $10 billion & an income of $557 million, but he appears to get there only by highly overvaluing properties & ignoring his expenses."

Trump doesn't even believe in the first Amendment. For example, the First Amendment gives us freedom of religion. Donald Trump says he would ban an entire religion from the U.S. not letting in any new Muslims. While at the same time saying he would create a registry list for Muslims who are U.S. citizens (You Know, In The Same Way Hitler Did With The Jews) In fact Donald Trump has even flirted with the idea of bringing back internment camps to the U.S. If you combine that with Trump's position on going after & torturing innocent people, you could argue that Trump would just be bringing back Concentration Camps. (!!!THAT'S INSANE!!!) Also the First Amendment says freedom of the press. Trump has sued multiple media outlets simply because he did not like what they reported. Trump has even went as far to ban news outlets such as the Washington Post by revoking their press credentials to report at his rallies.

Now the one area where I give Trump a little bit of a pass is the issue of outsourcing his jobs. Some on the Left like Kyle Kulinski from the highly respected Progressive / Liberal commentary news outlet Secular Talk, point out the hypocrisy that Donald Trump speaks out against offshore trade agreements in this election while at the same time Trump himself outsources his own jobs. Although if you are a business in this country because of our broken system, businesses benefit & are essentially incentivized to ship their jobs overseas in order to compete. Although there is another angle of this I see that I don't see anyone else pointing out. In today's broken system of Government it doesn't matter if you want policies that benefit the poor & middle class, or policies that save the environment. we will always be gridlocked for positive change when the only way decisions are made are by our "representatives" who are beholden to big money donors. Allowing the corruptive influence of money in politics creates a system that allows a handful of millionaires & billionaires to essentially buy out our politicians & shape policy that benefits them, but screws over the poor & middle class. Donald Trump is one of these "millionaires & billionaires" who bought favors from our politicians as he himself bragged about in the Republican Primary. He was ultimately one of the bribers who owned our political process. So my question is, why when Trump had REAL influence in our political process did he not once push for any of the populist rhetoric he advocates for today? Why is it only now when he has the opportunity for personal gain that he all of the sudden comes out against detrimental policies such as the offshore trade agreements?

Honestly when it comes to Trump & the Republican party there are no bounds to their hate & ability to destroy our economy & our country as a whole. I haven't even began to scratch the surface of exactly just how disgusting the Political Right has become. I haven't really even covered the Republican platform which makes up the top priorities of the GOP, like for example, "Reversing the Supreme court decisions on same-sex marriage." Or, "Online pornography should be declared a public health crisis." A position in which Trump has come out, defended & doubled down on, even going as far as signing a pledge to crackdown on online pornography. Donald Trump & the Republicans are children! I have to ask, why do the Republicans care so much about who people want to have sex with or what I'm jerking off to?!?!? It feels so weird & awkward having to ask a question such as that, but they are the ones who brought it up & are putting it on their list of top priorities... THEY’RE FUCKING PERVS!!! The Republicans want to cut taxes for their rich donors while shifting the tax burden on to the poor & middle class by raising the taxes on people within a lower socioeconomic status like you & I. Trump wants to get rid of the human rights by getting rid of things like the Geneva Convention. Also there is a lot of talk about how Hillary Clinton is a criminal (Which She No Doubt Is) for things like keeping a private email server in her home while she was Secretary Of State or voting for the Iraq War. Although Donald Trump is also a criminal when he does things like set up an illegal "University" to scam people out of their money, which is basic textbook fraud. Also Donald Trump has said the minimum wage in this country is too high & he would lower it. Don't forget how Black Employees at a Trump Casino were reportedly removed from public sight whenever Donald Trump arrived. I can easily go on & on about this absolute scumbag named Donald Trump & the rest of the scumbags who also reside within the Republican Party.

No offense to the people who support Trump on this planet, but the difference between them & Progressives & Liberals is that they seem to come to preconceived conclusions based on irrelevant anecdotal experiences & knee jerk emotional reactions. When you compare that lack of political knowledge to someone like myself who actually cares about policy substance & only comes to conclusions based on substantiated verifiable & reliable information, substance, studies, statistics, arithmetic, science, data, facts, empirical evidence, etc... etc... What it comes down to is I do my own independent research. For example in order for me to write this small article on Trump & the Republican Party I read 47 in-depth news articles & watched 22 in-depth news stories. I then go above & beyond to fact check any information I pulled from those news stories with multiple fact checking outlets like PolitiFact, & I'll even provide some of the original sources, or sources that just best articulate this information. Not to stroke my own ego, but this is why when I say my commentary news outlet Josh Hill Politics is one of the best places for fact checked political information, I can make that statement with vehement confidence. How many individuals on the Right do you think can make similar claims?

Actually regarding PolitiFact… It is the #1 fact checking outlet regarding politics in the world. It was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting in 2009 & It is PolitiFact's job to fact check statements made by members of Congress, the White House, lobbyists, interest groups, etc... etc... PolitiFact's findings are evaluated with a "Truth-O-Meter" rating system. The ratings range from "True" for completely accurate statements to "Pants on Fire" (From The Taunt "Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire") for false & ridiculous claims. Lately I have been hearing people talk positively about Republican Nominee Donald Trump (Absolute Scum) who has had four bankruptcies in just the past eighteen years alone. Although despite his ignorant, hateful, bigoted, racist, sexist, & islamophobic disgusting personally, & the fact that he can't run a business to save his life, misinformed people who don't follow current events tend to like the cover of Donald Trump without reading about exactly what's inside.

The most important thing to remember is that our system of Government is fundamentally broken. We no longer live in a Democracy nor a Republic, it is this broken system that works against average American citizens & in favor of only a few super wealthy on the top. The corruptive influence of money in politics has allowed a handful of millionaires, billionaires, & special interest groups to buy out our politicians & shape policy that benefit them & ends up screwing over the poor & middle class. It is this broken system of money in politics which has led us down the rabbit hole of the lesser of two evils & allowed someone like Donald Trump to rise to power in the first place. So this election cycle & future elections I ask you to stand with me & the many other Americans that say no more will we support corruption out of fear & no longer will we allow the system to work against the American people. We must stand up & fight against this Oligarchy that has become drowned in money & greed.