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Posted on- April 1, 2017 at 8:18 A.M.
(Written By Joshua Hill)

I have been thinking about things a lot, & I am loving our new President! Donald Trump is a populist that has already proven himself worthy of the Presidency by appointing the most competent individuals for the job. Trump picking the head of Exxon Mobil & Goldman Sachs are good choices because they care about keeping the system in check & already have a good understanding of the system.

Betsy DeVos is a great choice because public schools are a cancer on our system, why do all these lazy poor people want to mooch off the Government by sending their kids to the public schooling system. These lazy parents should pick themselves up by the bootstraps (GET A JOB) & send their kids to private schools.

Trump picking Jeff Sessions was his best choice though, because we all know how marijuana is a dangerous gateway drug to heroin & krokodil. Just look at the countless studies showing how detrimental marijuana is to ones health. IT KILLS BRAIN CELLS PEOPLE!!! When will people wake up to the high risk dangers to marijuana. That's why I stand with Jeff Sessions when he advocated that we have the death penalty for individuals even just for selling marijuana. Also I don't understand why people criticize Jeff Sessions for saying good things about the Ku Klux Klan, not everything he says about the KKK is positive. For example Sessions said the KKK was "OK... until I found out they smoked pot." That's as principled as they come.

Also Trump's first action as President was raising taxes on the middle class, I love this because I believe both the poor & middle class in this country have had it too good for far too long. The poor are unsubstantially growing too fast & both the growing poor & shrinking middle class need to start picking up their weight & start doing their part!

I will say I am upset the American Healthcare Act (AKA TrumpCare) didn't pass though. It would have uninsured 52 million freeloaders, nobly cut taxes by 592 billion dollars for the super wealthy (AKA Job Creators), & cut the WELFARE program Medicaid by 880 billion dollars. Why don't people just save up money for private insurance? Maybe people who can't afford Healthcare should get a second or third job & stop wasting their money on frivolous expenses like furniture, TV, or microwaves.