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Donald Trump Is A Failed President

Posted on- May 8, 2020 at 11:45 A.M.
(Written By Joshua Hill)

Stating that President Donald Trump's presidency has been a complete & utter failure would be at the least an understatement. It is unfortunate that because of how bad the two major party candidates are I personally can not bring myself to vote for either Donald Trump or Joe Biden. I have given detailed reasons as to why I oppose Biden this election, but I have yet to explain at least in this recent election why it is I also oppose Trump. I believe in policies the majority of the American people are in favor of & would greatly benefit their lives. I am loyal to no party, but I am very loyal to policy that has been proven to be the objectively best policy we should implement going forward, & that is what I advocate for.

Trump's tax cuts are nothing but a massive giveaway to the super wealthy with the burden of tax shifted onto the poor & middle class. 83% of Trump's tax cuts go to the top 1% while anybody making $75,000 or less are going to have their taxes significantly increased. Trump supports unconstitutional illegal Wars in the Middle East, Trump bombed Syria, supports the genocide in Yemen, & overall massively increased an already over bloated "defense" budget by 700 billion dollars on top of what we are already spending.

Trumps supports repealing the Estate Tax which is nothing more than a tax cut for the super wealthy. For example repealing the Estate Tax effectively gives the most wealthiest family in the entire world (The Walton family) a 52 million dollar tax cut. To put that in perspective the Walton family alone has more wealth than the entire bottom 40% of the entire country!

Trump is a staunch supporter of Iseral/Netanyahu, & their war crimes against Palestine, Israel does an open prison, kills unarmed journalist, kills innocent civilians in Gaza, invades/steals land that doesn't belong to them, etc... etc... & Trump promotes & defends it all through financial & military aid. In fact Trump even opposes Boycott, Divestment, & Sanctions (BDS) & a two state solution.

Trump is massively corrupt with foreign countries such as Saudi Arabia, doing "weapons" & "infrastructure" deals which is nothing but a front for corruption. In addition having high-ranking Saudi officials purposely over paying for a rooms at Trump Tower that they never even stay in. It's these types of bribes (Among Others) that leads to those corrupt deals. Trump even open eight new businesses in Saudi Arabia during his campaign which is probably why he has such a close/corrupt relationship with Saudi Arabia in the first place. Or maybe it's because Trump agrees with the hard way Saudi Arabia treats certain citizens like woman as Trump has said he supports harsh punishment for women who not only get an abortion, but even if they uncontrollably miscarry.

Trump claims to want to "drain the swamp" of Establishment corruption, but at the same time Trump appointed the head of Exxon Mobil to his administration & multiple heads of Goldman Sachs to his administration. Under the Trump Administration in the first year alone over 93,000 jobs have been outsourced & shipped over seas. Trump has also put Betsy DeVos in his administration, DeVos believes public schools are a cancer on our system, & also believes exclusively in private schools & that only the super rich should be allowed to give their children an education.

There were plans to get rid of NAFTA, Donald Trump actually stopped those plans & kept NAFTA implemented. In fact Trump rallied/campaigned against offshore trade agreements (Such As NAFTA & TPP), but now Trump pushed to implement some of the worst provisions of TPP into the renegotiation of Trump's new NAFTA (The USMCA).

Jeff Sessions did eventually leave the Trump Administration, but Trump did originally put in power Jeff Sessions. We all know how marijuana isn't a dangerous gateway drug to heroin or krokodil. Yet Sessions makes these types of gateway drug arguments all the time. Sessions advocated that we have the death penalty for individuals even just for selling marijuana, even supported legislation to do exactly that. Also Sessions has said good things about the Ku Klux Klan, in fact the only real bad thing Session's has ever said about the Ku Klux Klan was that the KKK was "OK... until I found out they smoked pot." WTF?!?!?! THAT'S PRETTY FUCKED UP!!! This is not the reason Trump let Sessions go as Trump agrees with some of these stances like the death penalty for drug dealers. In fact Trump himself praised China's execution of drug dealers.

Trump's first military action was a raid that got absolutely no terrorist, but killed an innocent citizen (Obviously Without Fair Trial Or Due Process), she was a nine year old little girl & an American citizen. Trump said he would torture "EVEN IF IT DOESN'T WORK." Trump admitted that he would kill innocent civilians. Trump signed a pledge to crack down on all pornography even between consenting adults all for the purposes of "Moral Christian Values". Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement & said Climate Change is a Chinese Hoax.

Trump opposes the objectively better policy Medicare-For-All in every measurable category which would save the American people over 5 trillion dollars over the next ten years, cover every man woman & child, & get better quality care, better outcomes, & better overall results. Meanwhile the healthcare plan Trump did support, The American Healthcare Act (TrumpCare) would have left 52 million people uninsured, kicked 24 million people who are already on their health care off of their Healthcare, cut taxes by 592 billion dollars for the super wealthy, cut Medicaid by 880 billion dollars, & brought back the insurance company's ability to drop people due to pre-existing conditions, & even adding new pre-existing conditions such as domestic violence or rape.

Most recently Trump handled this pandemic horribly. At the beginning of this crisis Trump did not take the danger seriously, dragged his feet & has done little to nothing to protect the health safety or job/financial safety of Americans. Even when Trump finally enacted the Defense Production Act, he did not use it to have private companies make important items of which we have a shortage, such as ventilators for example (The Entire Reason The Law Exist In The First Place.) Instead of taking charge in an effective manner Trump instead opts to scapegoating China for all of his faults. China is not innocent by any means, but even with how China handled everything Trump could have the U.S. in a far better place if not for his incompetence in how he initially handled the situation (Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right). Even more recently Trump has said we should pack churches full of people despite knowing how aggressively contagious Covid-19 really is. Trump also dangerously claimed that "bringing light inside the body" or "injection" of disinfectant could effectively combat the infection of Covid-19.

I could do this list all day, the number of harmful Trump policies, actions, & dangerous rhetoric is nearly endless, & even this article barley scratches the surface. Trump needs to be opposed even if you decide to opt out of the system because you understand neither candidate will represent you & both will effectively crush you, staying home or voting third party is better than voting for Trump (Voting Third Party Is What I Will Be Doing). If you support & or vote for Trump, you must understand Trump will fight against your interests & the interests of the American people (Unless Of Course You're Among The Wealthy Elite).