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Posted on- February 16, 2019 at 10:38 A.M.
(Written By Joshua Hill)

Ever since Justice Democrat Ilhan Omar criticized AIPAC for bribing our Government to push a Pro-Israel positions that violate international law, I have seen people being called Anti-Semitic (Myself Included) for opposing what the terrorist state of Israel is doing regarding Palistine. For anyone who does not support a Two State solution between Israel & Palestine & calls anyone who does Anti-Semitic they are nothing more than a terrorism supporting piece of absolute human garbage.

BDS is not an attack on the religious & or ethnic background of Jewish individuals, it has everything to do with trying to stop the terrorist actions of Netanyahu & the Israel Government. I call Netanyahu a terrorist & the Government of Israel a terrorist State because the definition of terrorism is, "The Use Of Violence & Intimidation, Especially Against Civilians, In The Pursuit Of Political Aims." This is the dictionary definition of terrorism, & is exactly what Israel is doing in Palestine.

Israel Shooting unarmed journalists, Israel doing an open prison of Palestinians, Israel doing violence in schools & hospitals in Palestine, Israel's mass bombing in 2014 that had an over 80% civilian death rate (They Continue Attacks To This Day), Israel illegally occupying territory in Palestine, Etc... Etc... is completely unacceptable. My reasons for supporting BDS is not Anti-Semitic. People who support Boycott Divestment & Sanctions do so for the purposes of humanitarian reasons, it has nothing to do with anybody's religion or ethnicity.

To those people saying that there is violence on both sides & Israel has a right to defend themselves, I find those people to be a pathetic excuse for a human being. Between the billions of annual aid & billions more in military resources (Such As Iron Dome) that Israel receives from the U.S. The power structure of Israel compared to Palestine would be the equivalent of the power structure of a human compared to an ant.

It would be as if a person walked over into their neighbor's yard across the street (Not Even Their Own Land) & started continuously stomping on an ant hill killing thousands of ants. As the person is stomping on the hill, one ant is able to climb up the persons foot & bite them on the ankle. That analogy is the comparable power dynamic between Israel & Palestine. Palestinians being the ants, & Israel being the person. The difference being is we're not talking about ants, we're talking about innocent Palestinian people who can't escape the violent terrorism of the state of Israel because Israel has done an open prison while the they continue to kill the Palestinians trapped inside.

Also the majority of the International Community of the United Nations has correctly deemed what Israel's Government is doing in Palestine as Criminal. BDS is the absolute best non-violent path of action to help defend the Palestinian people from the terrorist state of Israel. I completely stand with individuals such as Justice Democrat Omar on this issue, & I especially thank her for taking a strong principled stance on this issue!