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Posted on- July 18, 2016 at 7:55 A.M.

(Written By Joshua Hill)

On July 12, 2016 Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton for President of the United States Of America. I was, still am, & always will be a vehement Bernie Sanders supporter. A recent poll shows about half of Bernie Sanders supporters say they will not support Hillary Clinton under any circumstances. So what does this endorsement mean for Bernie & Hillary? What will Bernie supporters ultimately decide? How will this affect our country going forward? The line I keep getting told by Clinton supporters is, "Hillary is the Democratic Nominee & I should get in line because even Bernie has endorsed Hillary. So now I should follow Bernie & support Hillary." Well personally, I am sick of people saying Bernie supporters like myself should blindly follow Sanders in his recent support of Hillary Clinton for the general Election.

What Hillary supporters need to understand is that the reason we supported Bernie in the first place is because unlike Hillary supporters we don't blindly follow individuals. We're not "With Her" & we're not "With Him". We were willing to vote for Sanders because we believed in his message, with his policies, & we can see he has an over 40 year record of fighting for those same Progressive values. Unlike someone such as Elizabeth Warren, Sanders put everything on the line to actually fight against Hillary Clinton, the DNC, & the rest of the Establishment in this primary.

I have to constantly remind Hillary supporters just because Bernie supporters wanted to vote for Sanders to be our President doesn't mean they absolutely follow Sanders blindly no matter what without question, & I think it's perfectly reasonable to say Bernie's supporters simply disagree with Sanders on voting for the lesser of two evils. In fact even Sanders has said it's not up to him to convince his supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton, it's up to Hillary Clinton to earn our vote. A task that she honestly isn't even close to achieving because she is a Right Wing lying nut job.

I will always support Bernie in his ongoing fight for policy, but when the time comes in the General Election, I will not support Hillary Clinton. I will be advocating for Jill Stein in the same way I advocated for Bernie Sanders. Third parties only need to reach 5% to start receiving federal funding & 15% to receive additional federal funding & also to be allowed to participate in the National Debates. If you can provide that kind of microphone for a popular platform that the American people are highly in favor of, you can change the conversation in the same way Bernie Sanders did & maybe even change the course of our bought out broken down corrupt system of Government towards positive fundamental change that will actually fix the core system of our Government.

I love Bernie Sanders, he is in many ways a hero of mine. Although with that said I would combat many of the things Bernie said in his endorsement For Hillary Clinton. For example Bernie says things like, "Hillary Clinton wants to raise the minimum wage." Although, when you look into her record Hillary was never in favor of a $15 hour minimum wage. Also the State Department with Hillary Clinton fought to keep Haiti's minimum wage from reaching $0.61 an hour. So I ask, how did Hillary's position on the minimum wage work for the people in Haiti? If Hillary thinks she can get away with screwing over the American people to benefit herself she is more than happy to do it. Trust me when I say once Hillary gains the power of the Presidency she will have no accountability for her actions. based on her record, does any rational human being trust Hillary's word on minimum wage? (An Issue She Only Moved Farther Left On Because Of Bernie Twisting Her Arm) In fact do you believe Hillary regarding almost any of her policy rhetoric?

Hillary supporters who make this argument are void of individual thought. We disagree with Bernie Sanders on this one key component. Do they not understand what disagreement is? Do they not understand that it is possible to agree with someone on many things, but disagree with them on other things? It's really quite a simple bit of nuance that Hillary supporters are not able to grasp for some reason. Nuance is generally a concept that Bernie Sanders supporters apply well to individual issues. For whatever reason Hillary supporters can't seem to grasp such a simple concept.

Honestly it's really quite simple. If Hillary supporters want to convince Bernie Sanders supporters to support Hillary Clinton, then they just need to accomplish one simple task. Give us just five specific policy positions where Hillary Clinton differs from Bernie Sanders & has not flip-flopped on at least in the the last ten years. I often bring up this challenge so I may shine a spotlight on just how terrible their candidate truly is. Understand that's kind of a trick challenge, because there are no such positive policies for Hillary Clinton that she hasn't really flip flopped on, which is exactly my point. You should be able to name at least five policies from your candidate who you are advocating to be President of the United States Of America! Otherwise Hillary has not earned your vote, & why should you vote for someone who does not represent you in the slightest? The only real answer I get to this question is because Trump might become president. WELL NO! I'm done voting based on fear, I'm done being fear mongered into supporting the lesser of two evils. We don't have to be controlled anymore, we can stand up & fight for what we know is right. We shouldn't be scared to stand up to those we know are wrong.