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My Name Is Joshua Hill & I am a Progressive!

Progressive Definition-

"A person advocating or implementing social reform or new, Liberal ideas."

My Name Is Joshua Hill & I Am A Liberal!

Liberal Definition-

"Open to new behavior or opinions & willing to discard traditional values.

Favorable to or respectful of individual rights & freedoms.

(in a political context) favoring maximum individual liberty in political & social reform."

(Although understand the difference between terms like Liberalism & Neo-Liberalism for example. Neo-Liberalism is a word that describes Right Wing Establishment Corporatists. Neo-Liberals are essentially only as Liberal as their corporate leash allows them to be.)

My Name Is Joshua Hill & I Am A Socialist!

Socialism Definition-

"Any of various economic & political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership & administration of the means of production & distribution of goods or services."

Based on that definition you can find right here in the U.S. that some of our most cost effective, efficient, & popular programs are pure Left-Wing Socialism, such as The Roads & Highways, Public Libraries, The Post Office, Public Schools, Public Parks, The Sewer System, The Fire Department, The Police Department, State & Snow Removal, Town / State-Run Beaches, Unemployment Insurance, Social Security, etc... etc... If the people who say they hate Socialism so much really dislike it as much as they claim, I recommend they stop using all of these programs immediately!