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Posted on- November 05, 2018 at 11:30 P.M.
(Written By Joshua Hill)

I refuse to vote for Fascism. In fact during the 2016 Presidential Election I voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary & Jill Stein in the General Election. I will only vote for Anti-Establishment Democrats or Justice Democrats who take no Corporate or Super PAC money & support strong Populist Left Progressive/Liberal policy positions Such As Single-Payer Medicare-For-All, Tuition-Free Public College & Universities, A Living Wage, Ending The Drug War, Ending The Foreign Wars, Ending The Disastrous Off-Shore Trade Agreements, Guaranteed Paid Time Off, Campaign Finance Reform, A New New Deal, Etc... Etc... If neither of those types of Democrats are on my ballot I will vote for a Left leaning Third Party candidate.

I would rather lose with someone who represents me & the American people than "win" with someone who stands against everything I believe in & exclusively represents big money donors & special interest groups. In the 2016 Election I did not vote for Trump because I refused to support a lying Right-Wing Neo-Conservative Authoritarian Fascist (Who Is Now War Criminal). I also did not vote for Hillary because I refused to support a lying Right-Wing Neo-Liberal Corporate Establishment Fascist War Criminal. I will vote for any Anti-Establishment Progressive/Liberal who takes no Corporate or Super PAC money & has a strong record fighting for Progressive/Liberal policies regardless of party. However I will not support Establishment Democrats because at a certain point "The Lesser Of Two Evils" is still so bad that either choice becomes a wash.

Not to mention getting these types of Anti-Establishment Democrats elected means we will actually have non-bought Democratic politicians who will fight for policies such as Campaign Finance reform & Ranked-Choice Voting which would actually give third parties a more practical & viable path to victory. I will actually do everything I can to get principled Progressive/Liberals elected regardless of Party affiliation. One thing I won't do however is vote for Establishment Fascist Republicans or Establishment Fascist Democrats.

The definition of Fascism is "A One-Party System Of Government" (I Will Provide A Picture Of The Definition From A Webster's Dictionary Below). The corrupting influence of money in our political process has allowed a handful of millionaires, billionaires, special interest groups, big money donors, etc... etc... to buy out our Politicians/System Of Government in order to shape & push policies into law that benefit them while simultaneously screwing over the poor & middle-class.

The rigging of our system in this way has turned our country into a Fascist Oligarchy, which has been proven by a Princeton Study. We now have a One Establishment Party Of Government. Both the Republicans & the majority of Democrats take Corporate & Super PAC money making the two parties two branches of the One Corporate Establishment Party. They may be slightly different around the edges on one or maybe two issues (Barely), but both parties share the same core policy beliefs because they both are bribed by the same Mega Donors. Anyone who is a proponent of Money In Politics is a Fascist. This election vote for any candidate in any party as long as they refuse Corporate & Super PAC money & fight for Populist Left policies. I don't personally support Fascism & refuse to prop it up any longer under the flawed mindset of "The Lesser Of Two Evils".