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Posted on- January 23, 2021 at 12:44 P.M.
(Written By Joshua Hill)

Anyone else find it disgusting how Resistance Liberals are salivating over the first woman/person of color Vice President being Kamala Harris? People keep saying that even if Kamala isn't perfect, it's still an exciting moment in history. There is absolutely nothing to be excited about. Kamala Harris is a lying Right-Wing Neo-Liberal Corrupt Corporate Establishment Fascist who should be in prison herself.

I truly believe women & people of color should be embarrassed & upset that this racist cop is their "representative" in Government. When Kamala's polices will crush & oppress the very communities that she identifies with, isn't that even more of a betrayal? Anyone excited about this moment is proving they only care about identity over policy & all from the table of their brunch reservation.

These individuals say I am not being mindful of the thoughts & feelings of Kamala's excited supporters, but I say Kamala's supporters are not being mindful of all the innocent people who have been & will be murdered or who have had & will have their lives completely destroyed by Kamala's polices.

Kamala Harris is a disgusting monster who has done unspeakable things. Just one example (Of So Many) is as prosecutor Harris went out of her way to keep proven known innocent people in prison, & tried to put as many people in prison (Disproportionately Targeting People Of Color) as much as possible to fuel the Private Prison Industrial Complex for cheap slave labor.

Harris literally has made poor people & People Of Color into slaves (Modern Slavery). Harris has even broken the state record for incarcerating African-American males. Not to mention how Harris gets many of those people into prison in the first place.

Kamala Harris was a vehement supporter of policies such as the War On Drugs which has literally become known as the second set of Jim Crow Laws because of its devastating effects on minority communities disproportionately targeting & incarcerating People Of Color. Harris fought to put these people among many other nonviolent "criminals" in prison.

It was MLK who said people should be judged by the content of their character, & not by the color of their skin. In addition regarding MLK, on top of all Kamala's disgusting policies, Kamala also even has to rip off the legacy of one of our most revered heros as she lies about her own life stories by plagiarizing the real life stories of actual great Civil Rights leaders such as MLK. Kamala Harris should only ever be known as the monstrous racist cop that she is, & NOTHING MORE!

I find it reprehensible that the same Neo-Liberals & their Liberal supporters who never stopped calling out Trump for his racism (To Be Clear Trump's Racist Policies Should Be Called Out) are now silent when it comes to calling out the racism of their team. I swear if Trump was exactly the same in every way with the only difference being his party affiliation & gender, these resistance Democrats would be singing his praises, & for me that is a hard thought to stomach.