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Posted on- October 5, 2016 at 9:30 A.M

(Written By Joshua Hill)


(TRIGGER WARNING! : Because The Truth May Sting A Bit)

I refuse to fall in line with a lying Right Wing Neo-Liberal Corporate Establishment Fascist! I am a Progressive Liberal Socialist & I have been a registered Democrat since I was old enough to vote. So I keep getting told I must vote for Hillary if she is the nominee because if I don't Trump might become President. The problem I have with Hillary is that I don't see her as a Democrat. The real differences between Trump & Hillary are microscopic, they're ultimately the same person, they just seem different because they started the race from different primaries & had to pander to different groups of voters. In the end they are both nothing more than a couple of Fascists with one goal: to please the corporations & collect as much political power as they can. I won't vote for either, I have too much principle. Don't forget when it was politically beneficial for Hillary Clinton she was just as racist, bigoted, sexist, & hateful as Donald Trump if not more so.

Hillary Clinton didn't change her position on gay marriage until 2013! Not the 80's or 90's, 20 FUCKING 13!!! Hillary said marriage is only between a man & a woman for almost her entire life until only a few years ago. Only 4 years ago Hillary Clinton would have defended the position of someone like Kim Davis who was also a registered Democrat! (Including My Thumb) I HAVE MORE FUCKING FINGERS ON ONLY ONE OF MY HANDS THAN THE NUMBER OF YEARS HILLARY CLINTON HASN'T BEEN A BIGOT!!! Also, Hillary Clinton vehemently supported discriminatory legislation such as DOMA &  DADT.

Hillary takes massive contributions from private prisons which significantly disproportionately incarcerates African-Americans. Hillary Clinton was a Goldwater girl supporting Barry Goldwater, a well known racist whose central campaign was based upon pro-segregation tactics. Hillary used racial slurs to defend the Clinton crime bill which heavily disproportionately targeted African-Americans, saying a statement like, "We need to bring Super Predators to heel." Which would be the equivalent of a Republican today saying, "You know how those violent Urban types are." Oh I wonder what they mean by that, such a hard code to crack. Also don't forget about the over the top racial tactics she used against President Obama in 2008. In fact everyone is screaming & crying about Trumps assassination comments towards Hillary Clinton, but why isn't anyone bringing up the assassination comments Hillary Clinton made towards President Obama in 2008?

To put it bluntly, Hillary Clinton is more of the same Corporatist crap that allows the super rich to bend & break the rules in their favor while screwing over the poor & middle class, I won't even vote for Hillary because it's better than the alternative in comparison to the Republican options. Hillary herself was originally a Republican, & I believe it shows today, Hillary to me just comes off as a pro-Establishment, Corporatist, war hawkish Republican. I will no longer be fear mongered into voting for the lesser of two evils. I'm not a Republican & I refuse to operate on fear. I'm sick of living in an Oligarchy, I want my Democracy back!

Hillary voted for the Iraq War, an illegal unjustified war in the Middle East that has gotten hundreds of thousands of people killed when we destabilized the region by removing Saddam Hussein allowing the civil war between the Shiites & Sunnis to escalate which created a vacuum that allow ISIS to rise to power in the first place all for the profiteering of oil & gas companies & the military industrial complex. Hillary was in favor of bailing out Wall Street. Hillary supported the 2001 Patriot Act. Hillary didn't officially change her position on gay marriage until 2013, as she also heavily supported DOMA & DADT. Bernie Sanders & Jill Stein supports Clemency for Edward Snowden, Hillary does not. Hillary is against the legalization of marijuana & supports our current Drug war which also disproportionately targets Hispanics & African Americans, in fact Hillary on multiple occasions has said marijuana needs more research. In fact there are videos of her laughing off the question about the subject of legalization & / or decriminalization. Hillary's no fly zone in Syria very well could lead to World War 3. Glass-Steagall protects the economy from risky bank investments with investor's money on derivatives regarding toxic subprime mortgage loans which directly led to the collapse of the 2008 economy in the first place. Hillary is against re-implementing Glass-Steagall, in fact she was giving speeches on wall street to the banks for over 200,000 a pop telling them how she would protect them right before she announced her run for the Presidency, this is why so many criticize her refusal to release her transcripts regarding her Wall Street speeches. Hillary didn't oppose bills like SOPA, PIPA, CISPA, & other Internet censorship bills. Hillary supported the NDAA which allows the Government to indefinitely detain any U.S. citizen without fair trial or due process. Hillary heavily supports Fracking. Hillary didn't even vote against the 2006 legislation to create a border fence between the U.S. & Mexico. In fact Hillary has even advocated for the importance for a "Barrier" on the border, which is simply a coded way of saying "wall" to pander to both the Political Left & the Political Right while actually satisfying neither. Hillary is even still in favor of the death penalty. Hillary didn't oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline. Regarding issues that are at least important to me, Bernie Sanders & Jill Stein have time & time again been persistently on the right side of most all of them, the same can't be said for Hillary.

Other issues that Bernie & Jill are on different sides from Hillary Clinton on (Or At Least Last I Checked, Hillary Clinton Flip-Flops So Often It's Hard To Keep Track Sometimes) consist of No Child Left Behind. Charter Schools, & student loan reform. The Trans Pacific Partnership which Hillary pushed for 45 times & called the gold standard of offshore trade agreements. Even after Bernie Sanders forced Hillary to come out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Hillary still appointed people to shape the party platform that fought against the Anti-Trans Pacific Partnership rhetoric Bernie was fighting to put in. As for the Minimum Wage Hillary Clinton was never in favor of a $15 an hour minimum wage, she was in favor of a $12 minimum wage, which would be good if you could believe her. Although when you look at Hillary's record you see Hillary has been horrible when it comes to the minimum wage. For example the state department & Hillary Clinton fought against a $0.61 minimum wage in Haiti. What kind of terrible human being does that?!?!? If I'm forced to vote Hillary because she is my only option in the General Election, will I? No I absolutely won't. In fact in all honesty I just can't in good conscience be at all excited about a Hillary presidency like I would a Bernie or Jill Presidency.

In fact I'm a one-issue voter, getting the corruptive influence of money out of politics is the most important issue because it affects every issue. Only Bernie & Jill want to create a new 28th amendment that reverses Citizens United among other Supreme Court decisions, which removes the corruptive influence of special interest donor money from politics & creates publicly funded free & fair elections. Hillary wasn't ever talking about the corruptive influence of money in politics until Bernie Sanders forced her hand in the debates because it's such a popular position. Hillary Clinton has Right Wing Republican ideas on so many different issues, sure Hillary claims she's changed her ideas on some of these issues to appear like her ideologies were more in line with Bernie Sanders at the time, but she's lying to appeal to her base simply so she can receive more votes. Notice how Hillary has pivoted so far to the Right ever since the primary was over, even going as far to salivate over the endorsement of war criminals. It's as simple as understanding the Clintons are bought and paid for. The Clintons have taken well over three billion dollars over their political careers.

This is a real challenge I put out there for Hillary Clinton supporters. I challenge any Hillary supporter to give me their top five favorite Hillary Clinton policies that she differs from Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein on that she hasn't flip-flopped on in the last ten years. I honestly haven't heard a coherent argument in favor of Hillary Clinton that hasn't consisted of. "Trump... BOO!"

I would rather lose with someone who represents me & the American people than win with someone who stands against everything I believe in & exclusively represent special interest groups & big money donors. I vehemently supported Bernie Sanders throughout the Democratic primary, but I have since shifted my support to Jill Stein & am loving every moment of it. I support policy over any individual, & because Jill Stein is the only Progressive / Liberal still in the race with a policy platform that aligns with my own, for me it's a no-brainer...