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Joe Biden Is A Corporate Fascist

Posted on- May 1, 2020 at 9:24 A.M.
(Written By Joshua Hill)

With Bernie Sanders support for Hillary Clinton in 2016 & now Joe Biden in 2020 comes the hard & unfortunately truth of knowing Bernie believes in the lesser of two evils, even if that means endorsing a Fascist to beat another Fascist. I personally do love & support Bernie & can't thank him enough for everything he has done, but that's because of Bernie's Populist-Left Progressive policies & Bernie's long record of fighting for that policy while always refusing Corporate Super PAC money (& Not Doing Any Big Money Bundling). Although I will deviate from Bernie as I will not go along with supporting the "lesser" of two Fascists.

The problem is I will not vote for a Fascist even if they are endorsed by Bernie Sanders. The only way I would vote for Joe Biden is if Bernie Sanders or Nina Turner is chosen as Biden's VP (Laugh Along With Me). Joe Biden is a lying Right-Wing Neo-Liberal Corporate Establishment Fascist War Criminal Segregationist with Serious Sexual Assault (Rape) Allegations against him & Rapid Cognitive Faculty Decline.

The dictionary definition of Fascism is "A One Party System Of Government." (This Definition Does Not Come From Someone's Random Opinion, Or Some Random YouTube Video, Or A Random Blog/Article, Or A Random ImRightDotCom Website) This definition comes straight from a physical copy of Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus. Too many times I will provide this definition to back up my claim only for someone to refute the definition by providing one of these (Or Other) irrelevant non-sources. Let me get this out of the way so I won't have to address it later on. If two people are arguing about the definition of a word & one person (Myself) is providing the LITERAL FUCKING DICTIONARY DEFINITION as their source while the opposing person is providing jack shit for evidence & telling me they went to college then that person who has proven they have no argument can promptly go fuck themselves (But I Digress).

The corrupting influence of money in our political processes allows a handful of millionaires, billionaires, & special interest groups to buy out our politicians & our governing political process to implement policies that benefit the super wealthy & simultaneously screw over the poor & middle class. Both the majority of the Republican party & the Democratic party along with both of their leadership (Despite Being Slightly Different Around The Edges On One Or Two Issues) at their core serve the same big money donors making both servicing parties of a one Corporate Establishment Party of Government (Which Is The Dictionary Definition Of Fascism). The rigging of our system in this way has turned our country into a Fascist Oligarchy, which was actually proven by a Princeton Study (Things Have Only Gotten Worse Since). Anyone among the Establishment who protects, props up, perpetuates, or participates in the corruption of money in politics is a Corporate Fascist!

Biden takes those bribes from his wealthy donors & does there bidding, whether it's Biden's being a key architect & voting for the Iraq war & overall support for the Military Industrial Complex, support for off-shore trade agreements (Like NAFTA & TPP) that ships so many jobs over seas, saying multiple times he would veto Medicare-For-All, attempting many times to cut Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, & Veterans Programs (Like The VA), helping to make Thomas & Scalia Supreme Court Justices, voting to deregulate Wall Street (Removed Glass-Steagal), helped write & voted for the Patriot Act, wrote & voted for the 1994 Crime Bill (Known Best As The Clinton Crime Bill) overall supporting the Private Prison Industrial Complex (& So Much More). The nearly endless list goes on & on with Biden being on the wrong side of every issue throughout his entire record. There is a reason why Biden told his wealthy big money donors that, "Nothing Would Fundamentally Change."

As I stated before, I love & support Bernie Sanders for his Populist-Left Progressive policy platform & his long consistent record of fighting for those policies & refusing Corporate Super PAC money (While Also Not Doing Any Big Money Bundling), but contrary to the caricature that Bernie supporters (Like Myself) have been made out to be, we are not a sheep nor are we in a cult. So when it come to picking my favorite flavor of Fascism, I refuse!