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Posted on- October 6, 2016 at 4:30 P.M.

(Written By Joshua Hill)

I want to start off by acknowledging I don't actually expect Jill Stein to win, which is not something you want to say when you have endorsed that candidate for President Of The United States Of America, but I have done so because of the benefits that will come from a long term strategy in supporting the Green Party as opposed to the short term narrow minded fear based strategy of voting for the lesser of two evils (Which We Have Seen Time & Time Again Just Makes Things So Much Worse). Third party candidates are polling abnormally high this election cycle, & combined with the record high negative 56% tied unfavorable ratings of the current Corporatist nominees of the Republican & Democratic party it's quite apparent the American people are desperate for another choice. In fact, Trump & Clinton's favorability ratings are lower than any other Presidential Candidate in U.S. history. If there was any time for the American people to stand up, fight back & be principled, it's now while we have a small window of opportunity to advocate for real fundamental change. Polls also show the American people are desperate for another choice. That's why I've been working my ass off to promote Jill Stein's campaign. My goal isn't for Jill Stein to win this election, my goal is to build the foundation for the Green Party to become a viable party that can eventually stand up to the two Corporatist parties in future elections.

I myself am a member of the popular Bernie Or Bust movement. At first I was leaning towards writing in Bernie's name because I wanted to say (No Matter What) I voted for Bernie Sanders in 2016. Although as I thought about it more I started to have second thoughts as I came to realization that in most states Write In votes are not even counted & literally thrown away. So ultimately writing in Bernie's name would be nothing more than a Throw Away vote that would be just as effective as staying home & not voting at all. When there is another candidate running in a third party who is also anti-Establishment & almost identical to Bernie Sanders on policy, I can't help but want to throw my support behind that third party candidate. Jill Stein is that Candidate! The added benefit of Jill Stein is not only is she similar to Bernie Sanders on policy as an anti-Establishment candidate, but she also is running in the anti-Establishment Green Party. Jill Stein's Platform consist of making public college & universities tuition free, canceling college student debt, legalizing marijuana, ending the disastrous war on drugs, fighting against Climate Change, supporting comprehensive campaign finance reform to get money out of politics & overturning Citizens United, opposing offshore trade agreements (That Ships Our Jobs Overseas) such as NAFTA or the TPP, ending the Patriot Act, reducing unnecessary military spending & bringing home troops from 800 bases abroad, providing a legal pathway to citizenship, creating a 'Green New Deal' for 25 million jobs, closing tax loopholes & mending corporate welfare.

If you can get third-party candidates 5% of the popular vote, they then become eligible for federal funding in the following election which can significantly help their chances & remove a lot of the obstacles that currently stand in their way. If you get them to 15% support they get further Federal funding, but are also allowed to perform in the national debates alongside the Corporatist Republican & Democratic candidates. Getting a third party candidate like Jill Stein enough support to perform in national debates provides her platform with a desperately needed microphone to the American people. With that type of coverage & the resources that come from federal funding there's no limit to the support they can obtain. For example look at Bernie Sanders who had no name recognition & was being cheated by the DNC, Hillary Clinton, & the Establishment as a whole. Despite the overwhelming obstacles, with just the small microphone Bernie was given. Bernie Sanders was able to climb from 3% in the polls to 50% & 60% in the polls while also managing to be the only candidate with a positive favorability rating, & on top of that he was fighting against the well-known name recognition of Hillary Clinton. Sanders was vehemently close to winning the Democratic primary with about 47% of the votes in a Primary that was rigged against him. So, continuing to spread support to third parties like the Green Party is what I believe will eventually be the nail in the coffin for this broken two party system of Government. (Well, That & Wolf-Pac Of Course)

Honestly, the Democratic Party will not be reformed & it doesn't want to be reformed. The Democratic Party has proven it does not want real Liberals, Progressives, or Socialist apart of it. The Democratic Party is far more interested in the status quo of business as usual Corporatism, & it fights even the smallest Left Wing ideas tooth & nail every step of the way. Although even if you are one of the individuals that believes the Democratic Party can be reformed, than you must understand there is no better way to do that than to support Jill Stein & the Green Party. Taking your vote away from the Democrats because of their Right Wing positions is the best way to force the Democratic Party to change & accommodate their positions on issues to earn back the votes of individuals on the Left. Although as I have stated before I don't believe the Democratic Party can ever be reformed. I'm looking towards a new path to end this corrupt system of Government. I believe third parties like the Green Party will play a pivotal part in achieving this goal. I don't look at things in the short term regarding this election. I'm more interested in planting the seeds for positive future change. As far as I am concerned one way or another this is the beginning of the end for the Establishment, & the beginning of the fight for the betterment of mankind. That is what Jill Stein & the Green Party represents to me.