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Posted on- September 27, 2019 at 3:48 P.M.
(Written By Joshua Hill)

This impeachment is nothing but a waste of time when the General Election is right around the corner. There is no chance of this Republican held Senate impeaching Trump. So more than just a waste of time, it's also a waste of political capital. Let's not pretend like these impeachment proceedings are anything more than simply a distraction. The Corrupt Corporate Establishment Democrats need a way to be Anti-Trump without actually attacking him on the policies that they agree with. This impeachment is an easy way for Corporate Establishment Democrats to "oppose" Trump without actually criticizing Trump's destructive policies on Healthcare, Education, Endless Wars, Tax Cuts For The Rich, Etc... Etc... (Of Which The Corporate Establishment Democrats Agree With).

If you really believe Trump is so bad & even a criminal, then just make that case to the American people to vote him out with a Populist-Left Progressive (Like Bernie Sanders) in the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election. The fact that both George W. Bush & Barack Obama never faced impeachment (Despite Also Being Criminals Guilty Of Impeachable Offenses) just goes to show how vapid of any substance & nonsensical this entire impeachment of Trump truly is. Of course we know about many of the terrible things George W. Bush did like unwarranted wiretapping, starting an illegal offensive war with Iraq, or doing torture which is in violation of the Eight Amendment. Although even Obama did record drone strikes, double taps on first responders, murdered an innocent United States citizen abroad without fair trial or due process, did the NSA spying program which is in violation of the Fourth Amendment, started additional illegal offensive wars/interventions without Congressional approval, literally tried to eradicate U.S. sovereignty, & also did torture. This is why some such as Noam Chomsky has pointed out that, "If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war American President would have been hanged".

In addition this impeachment is not only nonsense, but it's also a losing argument. The Democrats are attempting to impeach Trump over a phone call he made to Ukraine trying to dig up dirt of corruption on Biden. The thing is, there is a lot of dirt to dig up as Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden got a job on the board of an energy company he had no knowledge, experience, or overall business being on only because Hunter happens to share the Biden name & has a father in a position of power who can do powerful favors. Trump digging this up & showing it to the world will only hurt Democrats & help Trump & the Republicans. If the Democrats were going after Trump for something such as violating the Emoluments Clause & breaking our Campaign Finance Laws (Or Any Of The Other Many Impeachable Offenses Trump Has Committed), there would be actual validity for the impeachment proceedings against Trump. However the situation as it currently stands going forward will not only give the (Correct) perception that many of the Democrats are corrupt, but it will also (Wrongly) give the perception that Trump is the one fighting the corruption.

This impeachment attempt will only help Trump's approval rating & assist him to possibly get re-elected in 2020. When this attempt at impeachment inevitably fails (It Will 100% Fail In The Senate) it will only strengthen Trump. If you think impeachment is possible, you're fooling yourself. This gives Trump a huge gift in the form of his famous "Which Hunt" talking point making Trump look innocent while giving Trump ammo to attack his political enemies.

The American people (A-Political & Undecided) aren't going to keep up with the impeachment proceedings, they're just going to get the Trump sound bytes & read the news headlines.

The media will be forced to run the headlines "Democrats Attempt At Impeachment Fails" & they will also in many cases include Trumps comments/sound bytes of him saying something along the lines of "Nothing But A Baseless Witch Hunt By Democrats". In a lot of American's eyes the failed impeachment attempt will give Trump's comments more validity allowing Trump to more easily be reelected. After an attempt at impeachment, the target's popularity always rises.

Like it or not in a Democracy politics is as much about being right as it is about marketing (The Free Market Place Of Ideas/Battlefield Of Ideas). This impeachment nonsense is some of the worst political marketing that has ever been attempted. The failed impeachment will only be a detriment to the Populist-Left Progressive agenda. Instead the Political Left should be using political capital to argue for policies which can acquire victories in important upcoming elections, because unlike this impeachment, Populist-Left Progressive policies are a winning argument.