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Posted on- April 16, 2017 at 7:11 A.M.
(Written By Joshua Hill)

"Father, Husband, Grandfather, Friend, Educator, Social Security Expert, Activist, College Professor, Candidate & Advocate For New York's 24th Congressional District." These are the first words you run across when you visit What make these words important is that they are not your average blanket statements to mask the usual intentions of your run of the mill politician who takes special interest corporate money, of which Kingson is taking none. Eric Kingson is a man of distinct principal on any issue from Social Security & Education to Health Care, the Economy, & even the number one issue which is campaign finance reform. Kingson is a Democrat with the Progressive policies we need to push for a better America, an America that does the right thing, an America I have grown to love, the America I know we're always suppose to be.

I fully endorse Eric Kingson for New York's 24th Congressional District. Despite the fact that he would only neighbor my 22nd District I know having Eric Kingson as a Congressman so close in my home state would still affect not just me but also my community greatly in very positive ways. Also having as many principled Democrats as we can get in Congress will help to stop the grid lock that the politicians within the Republican party have created. It could also give our next President the leverage needed to get things done & the leverage needed to effectively push for the necessary policies that our country needs going forward! I myself can't vote for Eric Kingson, but I can do my very best to support him, & I hope you will join along with me in showing your support.