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Posted on- August 6, 2015 at 1:25 A.M.

(Written By Joshua Hill)

I'm done with people saying the Confederate Flag doesn't stand for bigotry, prejudice, racism, discrimination, or slavery & that it somehow instead stands for heritage & bravery. The people who say this must not understand the history of that flag. In fact I know they don't because Between 1861 & 1865, the Confederacy had three different national flags. The Confederate Flag that everyone knows today was not one of the three used as the national flag for the Confederacy. The Confederacy not once ever used the Confederate Flag most people are familiar with today, although similar patterns were added in later creations of the flag. The Confederate Flag popular in modern society today was never used as the national Confederate flag. The original, most used, & most popular Confederate Flag looked nothing like the one we know today. (Attached Below Is A Picture Of The Original Confederate Flag Used Between 1861-1863)

The Confederate Flag we know today only became popular between the 1940-1960's when we were attempting to integrate African Americans into mainstream white society. Much of the south believed strongly in the idea of segregation & took issue with integrating blacks with whites. So many in the south fought against the integration with the Confederate Flag widely known today. Huffington Post reports on this saying, "In the late 1940's the flag was adopted by the Dixiecrats, a political party devoted to among other things, maintaining segregation. They also opposed President Harry S. Truman's proposals to instate anti-discrimination laws & make lynching a federal crime." So essentially one of the larger reasons the Confederate Flag as we know it today was created, was because a group of disgusting racist were against the idea that lynching black people would become a federal crime. The Huffington Post also reports, "John M. Coski (A Historian) writes, though the Dixiecrats soon faded into obscurity, their campaigns 'made the flag a fixture in places where it had been only a novelty before.' Coski gives the example of the university of Mississippi, which he notes rarely used the battle flag as a symbol prior to 1948." Later on in 1962 Ole Miss had its first black student, as a result whites started rioting while carrying & flying today's Confederate Flag. Today's Confederate Flag was brought back in the public eye specifically for the purpose of protesting blacks having equal rights & to push forward bigotry, prejudice, racism, oppression, & discrimination. Coski continues, the Huffington Post reports, "He says the university began heavily incorporating into school activities & events a few months after students protested against President Truman's civil rights proposals." Also the Huffington Post reports in another example "In 1963, Alabama Governor George Wallace raised the flag over the state capitol in protest against desegregation." Wallace raised the Confederate Flag for no other purpose but to send a message of vehement racism.

In addition the Georgia State Senate Research Office found that the integration of the battle flag into the Georgia State Flag in 1956 was racially motivated. If you do research into the history of why this Confederate Flag exist today, it is only still around exclusively because of racist issues. If the people who fly the Confederate Flag today cared all about their heritage, wouldn't they attempt to the best of their ability to get their history accurate by flying the original, most popular, & longest used Confederate Flag? As well as not using the Southern Cross Army Of Tennessee Flag? (Which Was Never One Of The Three National Confederate flags) The ugly truth is that they don't care at all about their history or heritage, they just want a symbol to push an agenda of hate & ignorance. Or best case scenario, they are far too uneducated & misinformed to understand that they are defending a symbol of hate.

Although even if we were to give these hate filled people the benefit of the doubt & take them at their word that they believe the Confederate Flag has no modern ties to racial suppression & discrimination (Which It Undeniably Does), but instead they believe the flag represents states rights or southern heritage. Well the question becomes states rights to do what exactly? Why exactly did the South feel the need to secede? I want to share some quotes from even further back. I'll give only two of many examples: The Atlantic reports South Carolina's official position & statement at the time right before the Civil War, "States north of that line have united in the election of a man to the high office of the President Of The United States, whose opinions & purposes are hostile to slavery." The Atlantic also reports Mississippi's official position & statement at the time right before the Civil War, "Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery the greatest material interest of the world." These kinds of official statements were made by many of the states before trying to secede from the United States & entering into the Civil War. Also may I add I myself have a lot of issues with our country in its current state of affairs, but my first instinct is to attempt to fix a country I love, not try to leave, commit treason, & stab it in the back. I believe that most of the people who fly the Confederate Flag are not just a handful of hateful Right Wing racist, but they are all at the very least vehemently unpatriotic.