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Posted on- October 15, 2020 at 8:27 P.M.
(Written By Joshua Hill)

With the election right around the corner, I am seeing a lot of "Lesser Evil" arguments in favor of Joe Biden with Donald Trump being portrayed akin to that of Hitler or Satan. When in reality Trump is nothing more than a standard down the line Establishment Republican (With An Even Lower Body Count Than George W. Bush). While Trump is in fact awful, Biden is no Saint, & there is a legitimate argument to be made on both sides of which is the greater evil. Trump may be the greater in the short term (On Most Immediate Policy), but Biden may be the greater evil in the long term (For How Any Potential Progress Will Be Halted For Decades To Come). Biden supporters who make the claim there is no comparisons between Trump & Biden could not be further from the truth.

Joe Biden voters & Blue No Matter Who voters are severely overestimating how bad Donald Trump is while underestimating how bad Biden is. Trump is barely worse than Biden, they are in many ways similar on policy. Both support the war on drugs, illegal wars overseas, off-shore trade agreements (Which Ships Good Paying American Jobs Overseas), cutting funding of important social programs, Etc... Etc... Even when you look at some of the most aggressive arguments made against Trump, those arguments immediately lose their weight if (Trump's Opposition) Biden is almost as bad, just as bad, or in some cases even worse.

Trump puts kids in the same cages Obama & Biden put them in. Additionally Obama & Biden are the ones who originally built those cages in the first place. Trump shipped 93,000 jobs overseas in his first year alone as President & pushed for the worst provisions of TPP into the re-negotiations of NAFTA & eventually implemented his own version of NAFTA the USMCA. Although on the other hand Obama & Biden outsourced their share of hundreds of thousands of jobs throughout the entirety of their eight year time in office while Biden was a strong supporter of both NAFTA & the TPP (TPP Being NAFTA On Steroids). Both Trump & Biden are blind supporters of Israel who support billions in tax payer funded aid despite the terrorist war crimes Israel commits. Both Trump & Biden crack down on whistleblowers & journalists. On so many different issues you can go back & forth with these types of comparisons.

Even on issues where Biden is marginally better than Donald Trump, much of the time it still makes no difference. For example Combating Climate Change with comprehensive action is at this point a necessity. We must take action as soon as possible, otherwise society as we know it will eventually end & humans could quite literally go extinct. Climate Change will get worse over the next four years. Although four years from now there will be a window of opportunity where another Populist-Left Progressive who will take Climate Change seriously will have the chance to win the Presidency. Climate Change will become even more devastatingly destructive if we wait 12 to 16 years. Biden is a little better on Climate Change than Trump (But Doesn't Go Nearly Far Enough). When Biden's climate policies don't go far enough they will wield the same result as Trump's denial. Climate Change denial & combating Climate Change incrementally both lead to the same conclusion. The only real difference is Trump only has 4 more years he can hold in office, Biden will have four to eight years, but in addition Biden will have elevated into power a much worse Trump 2.0 for another four to eight years after Biden. Long story short, with the ticking clock of Climate Change the world just doesn't have time to dick around with a Biden Presidency & the additional follow up Presidency of his inevitable Republican successor.

If the Biden voters & or Blue No Matter Who voters believe for even one second that they will move Biden Left on any policy, they're pathetically ignorant & extremely naive. THERE IS NO PUSHING BIDEN LEFT! As Biden himself has stated "Nothing Will Fundamentally Change". Biden spent his entire campaign chasing after the support of Republicans & Conservatives while trashing the Political Left (Many Of Which On The Left Have Pledged Their Vote Regardless). So when Biden is elected after obtaining power, he will be even more likely to ignore the Left's "demands". You only have one leverage of power (Your Vote), when you surrender that upfront you give up on any chances of swaying that politician on policy. Biden will be loyal to only two groups when elected, the Right-Wing support he pandered to during the election & his Big Money Donors.

The Biden voters & Blue No Matter Who voters should be asking the question, "What created the environment which led to Trump in the first place?" The answer is the Neo-Liberal policies of Barack Obama (& Of Which Joe Biden Is Also Responsible) disenfranchised/crushed the American people so badly that the American people were willing to take a chance on somebody like Donald Trump. The Neo-Liberalism of Bill Clinton got us George W. Bush, the Neo-Liberalism of Barack Obama got us Donald Trump, & the Neo-Liberalism of Joe Biden will bring us the next even worse Trump 2.0 (Perhaps Someone Like President Tucker Carlson).

On top of that, in this particular case it's even worse as the Establishment Democrats are literally responsible for Trump as they propped him up in the Republican primary (Using The Pied Piper Strategy), & then simultaneously rigged the Democratic primary against the most popular politician in the entire country (Bernie Sanders Is The Most Popular Politician According To Multiple Polls Conducted Starting Back In 2016 Up To Current Day).

So for anybody who would make the argument that we must remove Trump from office by any means necessary because our Democracy is at stake, that is a ridiculous hyperbolic claim. We're already no longer a Democracy, as a Princeton study that looked over twenty years of policy showed, we are literally an Oligarchy & not a Democracy. In addition looking towards the Establishment Democrats who literally were exposed rigging elections as the savior of Democracy is laughable at best. Finally, Joe Biden himself is a lying Right-Wing Neo-Liberal Corporate Establishment Fascist, so for anybody to make this argument & then turn around to support Biden is nothing but a giant hot bed of contradictions. How Biden voters & Blue No Matter Who voters don't see the obvious contradictions in such a claim highlights that they do not care about substance or policy, but instead only care about hack party tribalism.

The truth is this Election is not Donald Trump versus Joe Biden, it's Trump vs the Trump 2.0 that Biden will inevitably elevate into power (& That's 4 To 8 Years After Joe Biden's Destructive Neo-Liberal Corporate Fascist Policies). I personally will not vote for Donald Trump for all of the reasons I have listed here before, but not voting for Biden is a reasonable & rock solid harm reductionist position (The Real Lesser Of Two Evils).

An argument can be made that it is the better path just to wait another 4 years to try to win with another uncorrupted Populist-Left Progressive, rather than support the path for which things will get drastically worse over the next several decades with no end in sight. It's a long time coming to finally put an end to Neo-Liberalism! If it doesn't end, then this perpetual cycle of the lesser evil becoming more & more Right-Wing will never end either.

Believe it or not I am personally still undecided as I am split between voting for Howie Hawkins running with the Green party & Gloria La Riva running as an Independent Socialist. I'm leaning towards Hawkins mostly because he is on the ballot with the Green Party & La Riva is only a write-in option in my state. Both represent a lot of my policies, but one has a better opportunity to accumulate more votes & do more good by promoting the Green Party. Although I am not voting for one of the two major party candidates as I would rather lose with a candidate who represents me & the agenda of the American people than "win" with a candidate who takes Corporate Super PAC money, does Big Money Bundling, & whose only purpose is to exclusively represent Big Money Donors & Special Interests Groups.

Many Biden voters & Blue No Matter Who voters have called me & many others who make these arguments privileged. This is a disgusting practice in voter shaming & a mindset that is completely detached from reality. The people who now refuse to participate in propping up a broken Status Quo system that has been rigged against them are the least privileged among us because they most of all have been crushed & left behind by the Establishment within both of the two major parties (These Groups Mostly Consist Of The Poor, Young, People Of Color, & The Sick). Speaking from my own personal anecdotal experience, a few years back I got sick with Adult On-Set Stills Disease & lost my job due to my health. I've had to go on Social Security & Medicare (With A Medicaid Spend Down). These are programs Biden has bragged about trying to cut multiple times. I refuse to support someone who will implement policy that'll destroy my life & strongly fight against policy that'll improve it.

If you're on the Political Left taking a Bernie Or Bust stance & going down the route of voting for a different third party, writing Bernie or another individual in, or even just staying home refusing to participate, even if arguments can be made to do something differently, at this point any of those decisions are a million times more preferable than supporting a lying Right-Wing Neo-Liberal Corporate Establishment Fascist War Criminal Segregationist with Serious Sexual Assault Allegations against him & Rapid Cognitive Faculty Decline (Joe Biden).