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Posted on- August 30, 2020 at 10:20 A.M.
(Written By Joshua Hill)

When Black Lives Matter comes up in conversation with Biden supporters & Blue No Matter Who voters, they usually only focus on Donald Trump as if he is the ultimate problem & not just a symptom of the real systemic problem created by people like Joe Biden in the first place.

People forget Black Lives Matter started under Barack Obama & Joe Biden. Now many Biden supporters Blue No Matter Who voters think "Shoot In Leg", "Racial Jungle", & "You Ain't Black" Joe Biden who supports the war on drugs (Known As The Second Set Of Jim Crow), an architect of the 94 crime bill, has proposed increased police funding, & who opposes Criminal Justice Reform is somehow going to be a champion fighter on this issue. For the love of god Biden was a literal Segregationist who fought for Segregation in schools (Most Specifically On Bussing)!

If Biden is a fighter on this issue, it's for the wrong side as proven most recently by choosing a racist cop as his VP (Kamala Harris Has Much Of The Same Awful Policy Positions As Biden Along With Her Own Awful Record As A Prosecutor). Among many other examples, Kamala Harris throughout her career supported & pushed the war on drugs & the incarceration of many innocent People Of Color to fuel the profits of the Private Prison Industrial Complex which additionally was also benefiting off that cheap prison labor (This Is A System That Disproportionately Targets Poor People Of Color).