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Posted on- April 16, 2017 at 1:00 P.M.

(Written By Joshua Hill)

Stating that this 2016 election has been a disastrous mess is nothing short of an understatement. At one point in this election we actually had an easily electable anti-Establishment candidate running who took no corporate or Super PAC money & had an over forty year record of fighting for the American people. This man was Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont. Unfortunately Sanders was cheated out of the Democratic Primary nomination due to an unfair rigged Primary by the Democratic Establishment. We were only able to find out about this information from the Democratic National Committee's (DNC) emails being released by Wikileaks. So what was the reaction by the Establishment Democrats after Wikileaks released these DNC emails that should have been available to the public in the first place? Well after it was revealed that the DNC, Hillary Clinton, & the Establishment Media had rigged the Primary behind closed doors against Sanders, the Democratic Establishment refused to admit any wrong doing on their part, instead they started the blame game.

After Hillary Clinton lost the General Election to Donald Trump, the Establishment Democrats blamed everyone under the sun with no ability to do self reflection or admit any wrong doing. According to the Establishment Democrats it was Sanders' supporters fault, or Jill Stein's fault, or Gary Johnson's fault, or the fault of "fake" news, they even gave part of the blame to Susan Sarandon. The Establishment Democrats couldn't admit they shoved a extremely flawed & disliked candidate of the Establishment down our throats, & when the American people refused to fall in line, they grossly blamed the voters. Hillary did win the popular vote, but she lost the Electoral College by quite a lot. It's not as if Hillary was unaware of the
Electoral College system, she knew the rules & didn't even step foot in key rust belt states she needed to win like Wisconsin for example. These are the states with the working class who have the factory jobs, & they knew Hillary Clinton couldn't wait to ship their jobs overseas.  We know this because of many reasons including the fact that we got a hold of Hillary Wall Street Speech transcripts within the leaks, which we found Hillary sucking the dick of the banks & advocating for fully open trade borders (Ultimately NAFTA & TPP On Steroids). Hillary Clinton & the rest of the Establishment Democrats lost because of their own failing, it was nobodies fault other than their own.

Although I can't go without mentioning the largest amount of blame by the Establishment Democrats which went to the country of Russia. At some point after the General Election was over you may have heard the statement "Russia Hacked The Elections." This statement is misleading because it makes things sound as if Russia hacked the voting machines during the General Election which couldn't be further from the truth. The real reason for this statement is because some individuals within our intelligence agencies made the claim that it was Russia who hacked the DNC emails & gave them to Wikileakes. So it seems all the Establishment Democrats can do lately is scream & cry about "RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!" As if the Establishment Democrats are Jan from an episode of the Brady Bunch. The over use of blaming Russia is a just a hacky nonsensical argument.

Don't get it wrong, there is another separate Russia story that has been talked about lately in the news regarding Donald Trump having financial ties to Russia. Was Donald Trump connected financially through Russia? Perhaps so, but when you have a corrupt system of Government that's just gonna happen, unfortunately we have run of the mill corruption everyday. I don't condone this
corruption, but I honestly don't think the Establishment Democrats have any room to criticize the corruption of others. Also on the LONG laundry list of terrible shit Donald Trump has done & should be called out for it's about a 2 out of 10. Let's be honest, the biggest reason Russia is even in the news nowadays is because the Democrats needed a scapegoat to blame for losing to an easily beatable lying Right Wing Neo-Consertive Authoritarian Fascist (Recent War Criminal) clown. It's the Establishment Democrats that allowed Donald Trump to become President when they pushed a lying Right Wing Neo-Liberal Corporate Establishment Fascist war criminal down our throats by rigging the Democratic Primary against the guy who would have won in a landslide.

I always have to add this giant caveat that there is not even any proof that it was even Russia who got a hold of the DNC emails. We don't know for sure who is responsible, but what I do know is that Wikileaks has a long running track record of telling the truth, & Wikileaks claims they received the emails from a DNC insider (Which Actually Makes A Lot Of Sense). Our intelligence agencies on the other hand have a long running track record of lying with as much as they can get away with. Remember when we were told the Government wasn't doing mass unwarranted surveillance? Remember when we were told our Government wasn't doing torture? Remember when we were told Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? This hacky argument about Russia is made for one purpose, that purpose is to give the Establishment Democrats an excuse for their overwhelming loss. They loss not only the Presidency, but they also lost the majority of the Senate, a majority of the House, a majority of State Legislators, the majority of Governorships, they had their clocks cleaned on every level. This is why the Democrats should take a page out of the Sanders book, (By Not Being A Sellout) not taking any corporate money & fighting for Progressive & Liberal policies. Unfortunately the sad truth is the Establishment Democrats would rather loose to someone like Trump then win with someone like Sanders. This is why the Establishment Democrats have already started attacking anti-Establishment Democrats like Tulsi Gabbard for example who actually has a great chance at winning the election if she were to run for President in 2020.

I say all of the time "Bernie Would Have Won", & I often get "called out" by Hillary supporters who say there is no way I could know something like that. I assure them I know for a fact that Sanders would have won, the data more than backs up my claim. I make that statement based on the compilation of sound data. Sanders was up in the polls by 10% on average against Trump, Hillary was many times only up by 3% or so (Which 3% Is The Exact Statistical Room For Error In Polling Data). Some later polls had Sanders up by 15%, & one specific poll I remember that came out had Sanders up by 20%. It seemed the longer the primaries went on & the more people learned about Sanders the more popular he became. Don't forget Sanders was the only candidate throughout the entire 2016 election with positive favorability ratings, while both Trump & Hillary broke records for unfavorability ratings (At Record Lows Of Between NEGATIVE 58% & 60%), based on the data they are literally the two most unlike candidates to ever run for President. The Polling data shows that Sanders was the only presidential candidate in the race who could beat every single Republican & Democratic candidate including Hillary in a General Election. Some people say Bernie wouldn't have won because he wasn't attacked or vetted, but as we saw throughout the entire election & even today, Sanders was attacked by both the Political Right & the Political Left, & still always comes out with these positive numbers.

When you look at Sanders' approval rating within his own state he's at 80%, which is more than any other Senator in the entire country. In fact there was a poll that came out a while ago that showed Sanders was the most popular politician in the entire country. According to the poll, Sanders was at a higher approval rating than any politician in the country, at 61%. Sanders has very low disapproval rating as well, which was only 32%. Then just the other day ANOTHER poll came out showing Sanders is currently still the most popular politician in the country with an even higher approval rating as before, at 75%. I think it's funny, because the mid 30's is what Hillary's last approval rating was currently at. So yes, it's not a conspiracy theory. There's more than enough overwhelming amount of data to show that Bernie Sanders would have won in a landslide. Let's not also forget, Hillary was beating Sanders during the Democratic primaries regarding the national polls for a certain amount of time in the beginning. In fact it makes sense because Hillary had far more name recognition (Unwarranted Celebrity Status), But as time went on Sanders closed a 60% gap & not only caught up, but eventually passed Hillary in the National polls towards the mid-end of the Democratic primary.

So what were some of the things we know were done to rig the Democratic Primary against Sanders including many things found out from these DNC emails? Well, we found out that the DNC propped up Trump in the Republican Primary because they believed he would be an easier candidate to run against (How Did That Work Out?). Donna Brazile gave Hillary debate questions before debates so Hillary could have the advantage of practicing & preemptively coming up with the best sounding answers ahead of time (Which Is Cheating). The DNC limited the number of Democratic Primary debates & put the few they did hold on days when people would be less likely to tune in, because as the data shows, the more people who hear Bernie's message the more people like him, & the more people who hear Hillary's "message" the more people despise her. The DNC attempted to Atheist shame Sanders in more religious areas (Despite The Fact That He Is Jewish Not Atheist, & Not That Atheism Should Be Shamed In The First Place). Also the Establishment media included the undemocratic Super Delegate polling data with the actual Delegate count as if the Super Delegates had already voted (Even Though Super Delegates Don't Actually Vote Until The End Of The Primary). Brazile spoke about how she would cuss out Bernie Supporters. Debbie Wasserman Schultz scolded the media including Morning Joe on MSNBC by basically threatening to go over their head & getting them fired for going to hard on Hillary. There are so many more examples, I simply can't list them all in just one article. If I attempted to list all of the examples of the rigged Democratic Primary I would have to write a book, not an article.

It's also worth noting that the data showed the more people who voted, the better Sanders performed in an election. That is why the DNC did everything in their power to prevent as many people from voting as possible. The number of polling places were reduced, which made it so not as many people got to vote, but who got the blamed for people not getting to vote because of reduced polling places? Well, voting official Helen Purcell had this to say about who is at fault, "The voters, for getting in line, [or] maybe us for not having as many polling places as we usually have." But then she doubled down blaming the voters stating, "They’re not to blame for standing in line, [but] they went to the polling places." You can't say you don't blame the voters & then continue on to explain how it really is their fault for showing up. The Democratic Establishment celebrated undemocratic Closed Primaries & Super Closed Primaries, the reason they celebrated Closed Primaries is because Sanders is able to easily win in Open Primaries as Independents will come out to vote (A Good Example Of This Is Michigan Where Bernie Was Behind Hillary Over 20% In The Polls, Yet Sanders Had An Upset Victory, 50% - 48%). Closed Primaries were also a problem for people who were registered Democrats, but found out the day of the election their political party affiliation had been mysteriously changed without their notice (Making It So They Were Unable To Vote At All). The hours of polling places were changed, for example in my home state of New York the polling places that heavily supported Sanders were shortened from 6:00 A.M. - 9:00 P.M. to 12:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M. (Including My Own Polling Place) compared to the areas that supported Hillary more which kept their 6:00 A.M. - 9:00 P.M. hours. (I Was Lucky Enough That My Work Schedule Freed Me Up To Vote That Day, Many Others Were Probably Not So Lucky). I believe attempting to suppress the vote is why Bill Clinton even went as far to personally block the line at the polls, he even went into the polling place & illegally campaigned for Hillary by telling people to, "Pull The Lever For Hillary Clinton."

The fact of the matter is the Establishment Democrats would rather loose to someone like Trump than win with someone like Sanders. The unfortunate truth is the Establishment Democrat's policy positions are far more aligned with Trump than Sanders. The way I see things, is if you support the lesser of two evils in a broken "two" party system it is no different than a game of Sorry with only the Red & Blue pieces, sure they may be mostly similar, move in the same direction & both have the same end goals, but for some reason it's okay, because at least you get to choose between your favorite color. This is the reason why I am currently putting my support towards anti-Establishment Democrats & or Justice Democrats in order to do a hostile takeover of the Democratic Party so that we can fix the broken system (Including Implementing Ranked Choice Voting To make It Easier For Third Parties To Break Through). I will never vote for the lesser of two evils again. If there is no anti-Establishment Democrat or Justice Democrat option on my ballot I will not hesitate to vote for a Politically Left leaning third party. For example in my home state of N.Y. I voted for Zephyr Teachout in the primaries against Andrew Cuomo for Governor. Zephyr put up a good fight & almost won, but when Andrew unfortunately beat her in the primaries, I voted for Howie Hawkins of the Green Party in the General Election. Same for this Presidential Election, I voted for Sanders in the primary, but when Hillary & the DNC unfortunately rigged the election & stole the Nomination. I shifted my support & voted to Jill Stein in the General Election.

Although despite the fact that I will be supporting Justice Democrats & I believe Justice Democrats is the best path of action going forward, I still very much consider all Left leaning third parties my allies. I believe all anti-Establishment voters must stick together to root out corruption by getting money out of politics & fighting for correct policy & the betterment of all mankind. I would rather lose with someone who represents me & the American people than win with someone who is diametrically in opposition to everything I believe in & exclusively represent millionaires, billionaires, & big money special interest groups.